Monday, February 5, 2018

February 5 - Poem

When Troubles Assail You, God Will Not Fail You
By Helen Steiner Rice

When life seems empty
And there’s no place to go,
When your heart is troubled
And your spirits are low,
When friends seem few
And nobody cares
There is always God
To hear your prayers –
And whatever you’re facing
Will seem much less
When you go to God
And confide and confess,
For the burden that seems
Too heavy to bear
God lifts away
On the wings of prayer –
And seen through God’s eyes
Earthly troubles diminish
And we’re given new strength
To face and to finish
Life’s daily tasks
As they come along
If we pray for strength
To keep us strong –
So go to Our Father
When troubles assail you
For His grace is sufficient
And He’ll never fail you.

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