Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 1 - Book Excerpt

I have recently been reading the autobiography of missionary wife Rosalind Goforth, entitled Climbing.  In it she writes,

The Bible has always, since my conversion when a child of twelve, been a treasured companion.  In the years when the children were small, with incessant calls upon me, I was unable, like my husband, to give hours a day to Bible study.  I came to take the Bible as God’s Word to me, often taking some promise for the day on which to lean. Sometimes, however, I dug into the Word with a concordance to find out what the Bible had to say on some matter on which at the time I needed help.  I have before me as I write over forty outlines of such studies.

Everything in life comes in stages. No matter the stage, we can still spend valuable time in God's Word!

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