Sunday, February 25, 2018

February 26 - Speech Excerpt

From childhood, it was my firm conviction that GOD is the Giver of Life, and that life begins at the very moment of conception.  Then I held the body of our little miscarried son in my hands.  I marveled at his fingers, his toes, his lips, his nose . . .  Suddenly “pro-life” was so much more than just a phrase.  How could anyone INTENTIONALLY take the life of their unborn child? 

On more than one occasion, since then, the Lord has allowed me to use the death of our son to teach others about life in the womb.  You see, when a lady miscarries, it is considered a LOSS - a DEATH.  That means that before that death, there was LIFE! Having an abortion is seeking to purposefully and brutally END that LIFE!

If you have never read the biography of Gianna Jessen, or listened to one of her powerful speeches, I encourage you to do so.  She is an abortion SURVIVOR, who lived to tell the world of God’s forgiveness and His love. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, there are things that you will only be able to learn by the weakest among us.  And when you snuff them out, you are the one that loses.  The Lord looks after them but you are the one that will suffer forever . . . And it has been an argument for so long in this human place that we live, that the stronger should dominate the weaker, should determine who lives or dies.  The arrogance of that!  Don’t you realize that you cannot make your own heartbeat? Don’t you realize that all the power you think you possess, you really possess none of it, it is the mercy of God that sustains you, even when you hate Him . . . And I think in our misunderstanding of the way things work, we misunderstand how beautiful suffering can be.  I don’t willingly sign up for it.  But when it comes we forget, we forget that God is in control and God has a way of making the most miserable thing beautiful.”

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