Sunday, March 25, 2012

To Christian Mothers of Daughters

Christian Mothers of Daughters,

     As I look ahead to our Baby Brooklyn’s future, I see that girls are being fought by the world’s ideals, day in and day out, even in church circles.  They are being told the wrong things by the wrong people.  Why are sinful advertisements, commercials, and websites, grabbing the attention of our children?  Why aren’t more Christian mamas sitting down with their teenage daughters, showing them what God says in His Word about becoming godly women?  This thought has been on my heart, these last two weeks, as I have sat down and looked through the Bible for things I want to pass on to my daughter before God one day takes me Home.
     Perhaps, you, too, have a precious baby girl.  Perhaps, you have a little girl who’s turning into a young lady before your very eyes.  How and where do you begin, as you try to share with her THE LORD’S perspective on difficult issues like modesty, marriage, and “making love”? It seemed too sensitive a topic to post directly on my blog, where a young lady might read something without the approval of her parents, so I am asking you, individually, if this particular Bible study would be a blessing to you?  My prayer is that the short list of questions, answers, and Bible verses, will help you, as you enter upon that very important “facts of life” conversation, in the future.  Please send me your email address, along with a little note letting me know, if you would like a copy forwarded to you! I also have three past “Dinner’s In The Oven” devotionals –“Broken Hearts”, “Waiting For Real Love”, and “A Woman’s Wardrobe” -  that I can pass along, if you would like to save them for your daughter’s young adult years.  May God’s Word reach into the heart and soul of your daughter, and shine a pure and holy light!

Love in Christ,
Kristen Kelley

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